5 Tips to Become a Field Reimbursement Manager

Field reimbursement managers (FRMs) are the backbone of a life science organization. FRMs support commercial (i.e., sales teams) with the patient reimbursement journey, ensuring patients receive therapy in a timely and cost-effective manner and assisting life science organizations with their primary objective of improving patient lives.

What is a Drug Pricing and Reimbursement Strategy?

When a pharmaceutical company launches a new product, pricing and reimbursement would be established in order for the product to come into the market. The price of a product comes from the negotiation between manufacturers and payers. Payers make decisions on what drugs and devices are made available to patients and at what cost. Products […]

The Impact of Non-Medical Switching

Non-medical switching is a discussion that happens every day for some physicians. Insurance companies and P&T committees change formularies resulting in therapy changes. Patients have to endure these changes or pay the difference.  We are approaching that time of year when we begin to see more of these formulary changes. Patients purchased their insurance plans […]

Field Reimbursement Manager: A Day in the Life with Deena

A field reimbursement team is an extension of a provider team, advocates, and navigators. With skills and experience in coverage and access support, field reimbursement professionals can provide additional knowledge and support with healthcare offices daily.