The Impact of Non-Medical Switching

Non-medical switching is a discussion that happens every day for some physicians. Insurance companies and P&T committees change formularies resulting in therapy changes. Patients have to endure these changes or pay the difference.  We are approaching that time of year when we begin to see more of these formulary changes. Patients purchased their insurance plans […]

4 ways a Biden Presidency will impact prior authorization and reimbursement

The 2020 Election results were considered by many to be one of the most important to the U.S. Not only were there the highest number of votes, but several looming healthcare issues such as COVID19, the opioid crisis and drug pricing were top of mind for many Americans. President elect Biden will be inaugurated later this […]

What is Managed Care?

Managed care is a method of optimizing patient health using evidence-based healthcare strategies and resources. The purpose of managed care is to enhance the quality of healthcare for all patient populations. Managed care revolves around the collaboration of health insurance plans and healthcare providers. Managed Care includes healthcare plans that are used to manage cost, […]