The Players of Prior Authorization

The prior authorization (prior auth, or PA) process itself can be complicated and requires both communication and a cohesive healthcare team. The healthcare team involved in the PA process consists of a provider or physician, the pharmacy, the payer, and the patient. Each player on this team plays a part in successful and positive patient outcomes.

What is a Drug Pricing and Reimbursement Strategy?

When a pharmaceutical company launches a new product, pricing and reimbursement would be established in order for the product to come into the market. The price of a product comes from the negotiation between manufacturers and payers. Payers make decisions on what drugs and devices are made available to patients and at what cost. Products […]

What are Copay Maximizers and Accumulators?

A recent article in the American Journal of Managed Care shed light on copay maximizer strategies among generics manufacturers. But not many patients understand how drug manufacturers are incorporating copay maximizers and accumulators in their reimbursement strategies. As a widespread challenge for patient access, copay accumulators and maximizers eliminate the altruistic nature of the patient assistance […]