Staffing – Prior Authorization Training

Make Prior Auths a smaller part of your work day

The ACMA is the only organization that offers Prior Authorization Certified Specialist (PACS) experts to support your Prior Auth needs. We take Prior Auths off of your plate with our team of dedicated prior auth experts who are all PACS certified.


Stop focusing on Prior Authorizations and start focusing on patient care.

Securing prior authorizations, coding claims, and pursuing denials consume precious time and can have adverse effects on patient care. With ACMA’s expert team of certified prior auth specialists, burdensome prior auth tasks are handled, allowing your team to dedicate their attention to patient care and business growth. Our services, including authorization management, medical coding, and claims resolution, empowers you to operate with greater efficiency.

Why use ACMA's Prior Auth Staffing?

Minimize Denials
Get Paid what you are owed by minimizing denials and preventing issues before they come up
Save Time
Relieve your staff or administrative work such as tracking changes, calling payers, and general PA tasks
Certified Staff
The ACMA is only provider of accredited & certified PACS staff

Streamlined Prior Authorization Services


Outsource your Prior Auth Needs to Certified Experts


Faster Turnaround Time


More efficiency


Delegate Your Prior Auth work to our Team of Certified Specialists

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