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Overview of the Prior Authorization Certified Specialist Program

The Prior Authorization Specialist Program is the industry standard for establishing a career in healthcare managed markets.

Why Become a Prior Authorization Certified Specialist?

Certification is becoming an important factor in the healthcare industry in general.

The Certification Prior Authorization Specialist Training is the first of its kind in the World. This course was created by a panel of experts with a range of experience from every role involved in the Prior Authorization Process. This allows for you to gain valuable access to inside knowledge and expertise from provider’s offices, pharmacies and Insurance plans. Becoming Certified will allow you to become an expert in your field, distinguish yourself, and become a leader with tremendous career growth potential.

Did you Know?

66% of prescriptions rejected at the pharmacy require a Prior Auth and 36% or those prescriptions are abandoned.

Save Time Save Money Improve Patient Care

Save Time

Save Money

Improve Patient Care

Many employers prefer and often require their employees to obtain certifications. Why are companies looking for this assurance? They want to hire the best of the best. By becoming board certified in your field of expertise, and by maintaining PACS, you are saying that you:

  • Have met standards that have been established and verified by a credible, accrediting body
  • Are dedicated to maintaining quality of excellence in your profession

Why Certify With NBPAS?

  • Learn how you want, when you want. All of our content is self-paced, online and mobile ready
  • Our customers would describe our company as credible and trustworthy
  • We use a cutting-edge learning management system to help users maximize their learning
  • Our program is the most comprehensive prior authorization program developed by professionals in the field

Master These Skills

Initiating and submitting service and medication prior authorizations

Identifying medical necessity and proper research to ensure the prior authorization aligns with insurance medical guidelines

Learn how the insurance company/payer evaluates the prior authorization request when received

Improve your success in the prior authorization process by better understanding the role that each healthcare professional plays in the process

Understand the use of medical compendia, ICD-10 codes, CPT and FDA approved diagnoses to get a prior authorization approved

Learn about the process of denials and approvals and how to successfully execute a prior authorization

Who Should Enroll?

Prior Authorization Program Options

Prior Authorization
Certified Specialist Program (PACS)
Prior Authorization
Basic Training
Program (BASIC)
Comprehensive 12 Module Program Content
Certification Exam
Price 799 799
Exam Price* 199
Exam Discount 100 0
Total Price 899 799
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Industry Professionals Who Are Certified Are More Likely To Meet Important Quality Metrics Throughout Their Career.

*Purchase of the pro Prior Authorization Certified Specialist (PACS) program includes the certification exam and individuals upon successful completion of the program are designated as Prior Authorization Certified Specialists.

Purchase of the basic Prior Authorization program does not include a certification exam and as a result individuals who complete the program will not receive the Prior Authorization Certified Specialist designation. However, individuals who are enrolled in the basic Prior Authorization program and wish to become certified (designated as a Prior Authorization Certified Specialist) can may purchase the final certification exam separately at the full price of $199.

Why Certify?

Prior Authorization Overview: How to move forward in an evolving industry?

Sign up and receive a free ppt slide deck on the Prior Authorization Landscape and how the industry is evolving with technology and new payer requirements.

Did You Know?

Certified Healthcare Professionals

24% MORE

The PACS Certification demonstrates that professionals have met rigorous standards through intensive study, self-assessment and evaluation. The PACS certification is the most comprehensive training program in the world. Achieving the PACS demonstrates the highest standards of knowledge, and excellence in the prior authorization field. It also sets the stage for continual professional development through values centered on lifelong learning.

Our Payment Plans

Full Payment

One time payment of $899. Full payment will be processed at the time of admittance into the program.
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Monthly Payment Plan

3 monthly installments of $349. First installment payment will be processed at the time of admittance into the program.
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Financing Option

Get No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more with PayPal Credit.
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