Team Leaders – Prior Authorization Training

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager will be your point-of-contact for regular support such as:

  • Providing leadership onboarding virtual call

  • Providing team onboarding virtual call

  • Team setup and credential disbursement

  • Reviewing best practices to make the most of the program

  • Maintenance & team tracking to assure team progression and completion of the course

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Your team recognizes that certification through an accredited organization will set the bar high – and we love it! This shows the world that you’re committed to excellence and understand the importance of standards in a constantly changing regulated environment.

However, we don’t want to help your team just start the program. We want each and every one of your team members to complete the program and truly maximize what PACS™ has to offer. There is true value in PACS™ and we will support you through your journey and to completion of the program.

Additional Perks of PACS™ Graduates


Gain access to mentors in the prior authorization space, who are ready to assist you with navigating your specific journey.


Get invited into exclusive social media groups to talk to others who have completed the PACS™ program.

Continued Support & Resources

Reach out to your account manager at any time to assist with any further needs, like custom education.


Get access to social media congratulatory posts and customized badges for your website to display program success.

Authorized PACS™ Seal Usage for Your Team

As a team deployment, upon team completion you are authorized to use the official PACS™ Seal on a variety of platforms: LinkedIn, your company website, and on business cards.

Prior Authorization Certified Specialists demonstrate a commitment to patient access and better outcomes for all. There are several ways you can signal to your network that your team has successfully attained proper accredited certification.

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Ways to display your team achievement:

  • Website Badge

  • Social Media Banner

  • Social Media Post

  • Business Cards

We will provide custom messaging and/or display for your Team Certification achievement. We work directly with your marketing team or appropriate team member to abide by company guidelines. Download the example use cases below and contact your account manager for details.

Upgraded Power User Account

Unleash powerful insights into your team's progress in the PACS™ program. Build a professional roadmap for your team with key features like access to frequently requested reports, or ask your account manager for additional custom features.

Always know where your team stands, at your convenience, with real-time data. Your account manager will demonstrate how to use this simple yet powerful tool.

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Custom Training

Whether you notice team members struggling with a particular module within the program, or if you would like additional training on a totally separate topic, custom training may be the perfect solution for your team. The ACMA has you covered, all in a familiar learning platform.

Below is a list of frequently requested topics from our partners. Choose from these or let us know what you need; we can build your program custom and tailored for your company. Contact your account manager and let them know what you need.

  • Pharmacy Mobile Applications & Resources

  • Patient Centricity

  • Reinforce knowledge of federal, state, and commercial health plans

  • Social & Behavioral Pharmacy

  • Diversity in Clinical Trials

  • Rare Diseases


  • PhRMA Code

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Team Onboarding

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Best Practices for my Team

Platform Navigation Guide

Power User Navigation Guide

Info Packet for PACS™

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Adding team members is easy! Contact your account manager or email us at for immediate assistance.

Yes. You can extend access for one user or for multiple. Contact your account manager or email us at for assistance.

For assistance in accessing custom reports or how to find your report on the Power User account, contact your account manager or email us at

Here is the Power User license tutorial video. For more information and assistance, contact your account manager or email us at

The ACMA provides a variety of additional certificate programs along with custom training. Custom training can be virtual or in person, and can vary quite a bit depending on your specific teams’ needs and goals. Reach out to your account manager to inquire about what may work best for your team.

We have collected many best practices from teams who have successfully completed the program. For specific team best practices and encouragement, reach out to your account manager on what may work best for your team.

ACMA has several data driven solutions that can help you as the team leader and your team as a whole. We have an interactive market research tool, recruiting/hiring assistance solutions, sentiment dashboard and predictive analytics. Visit our business page here to learn more or contact your account manager for more details.

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